Daniel Cohen, PhD

Senior Scientist, Head of Protein Chemistry

Daniel has spent the last decade devoted to learning about chemical biology. He obtained degrees in that field from UC Berkeley in (B.S.,2012), followed by Harvard (Ph.D., 2020), where he worked in the Walensky lab and sharing a bench and a desk space with Lytica founder Rida Mourtada. In the Walensky lab, Daniel's primary research focused on nonenzymatic post-translational modifications of the pro-apoptotic executioner protein BAX, discovering new regulatory mechanisms for cell death and opening the door for future drug discovery opportunities (Cohen et al., Cell Reports, 2020). Daniel also participated in multiple screening and early-stage drug discovery projects, developing novel chemical methods. His passions for protein chemistry and drug development led him to Lytica to work on one of the most pressing needs in today's biomedical field.