Rida Mourtada, ph.D.

Cofounder & CSO

Rida has over 9 years of research experience in the preclinical development of small peptide therapeutics in oncology & infectious disease.  As a graduate student in the Walensky laboratory, Rida designed, synthesized, and validated the first stapled antimicrobial peptides (StAMPs) for in vivo use (Mourtada et al. Nat. Biotech., 2019). His passion for the development of new medicines led him to cofound Lytica Therapeutics, with Jim LaTorre and Loren Walensky, to bring the therapeutic potential of StAMPs to the clinic. Rida completed his Hon. BSc. and MSc. degrees at the University of Toronto and received his doctorate from the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology at MIT.